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Open for Lunch and Dinner

Your Hosts

Ray & Trudy Griffiths

PH: (03) 6264 1311

Proprietors, Ray and Trudy Griffiths, have been operating the Huon Manor fo the past eighteen years.

Our Menu specialises in quality seafood and features many of the wonderful seafoods that are "Tasmania"

Such as:

  • Bruny Island Oysters
  • Tasmanian Salmon
  • Tasmanian Scallops
  • Crayfish (seasonal)

Other seafoods we hope you will try and enjoy are of course the fresh trevalla, a deep sea thick flesh fish (not to be confused with trevally) with no bones - a real steak of the sea.

We hope that you will enjoy our menu and the time that you spend with us. Should you have any specific dietary needs please let us know.

Our meals are cooked fresh for your enjoyment, this does not mean you will have to wait all night but if you are in a hurry please let us know.

Huon Manor Dining Special

Homemade soup of the day served with a slice of herb bread
Housemade salmon & brie spring rolls served with a mild raspberry and chilli sauce
Housemade tender calamari served with a red pepper chutney
Baked Trevalla finished with a cheese and herb grilling
Prime Pork Rib Eye (absolutely delicious) served with a sweet apple and red wine jus
Chicken Breast filled with cheese and spinach and rolled in prosciutto and served with a cheese hollandaise
(Our mains are served on a bed of mash potato, rocket and roasted red capsicum)
Warm chocolate brownie served with vanilla icecream
Tasmanian Summer Berry Pudding
Passionfruit Panecotta


The above is just an example of one of our menu's. We serve a variety of main courses, including "delicious" Tasmanian Scallops, and Prime eye fillet. Of course there are many desserts , (a treat you cannot ignore) from old favourite like Sticky Date Pudding and Tasmanian Summer Pudding.

A selection of Tasmanian Cheeses served with delicious quince paste made in the Huon Valley is the perfect way to top off your meal.

Huon Manor - Duvida - Beside the River

a brief history

This house was a wedding present to William Thomas Garnock Short and his wife Frances. It was built around 1918 by Kruse and Sons. The house was a showpiece of the District and was originally called

Duvida meaning "Beside the River"

The ceilings are hand painted by a man laying on his back on scaffolding and took six months to complete. The skirting and doors are finished in hand painted wood grain and the door to the music room (now the small dining room) hand painted in a floral design. This was all done by a Mr. Glock who also painted the ceiling in the Theatre Royal and in the original Savings Bank in Murray Street, Hobart. His work was considered to be of a very high standard. Mr. Glock later traveled to America.

The house was originally gas lit using a carbide generator. This was considered modern for a country home at that time. A fuel stove was used for cooking also supplied hot water through pipes. This was also considered advanced for the time. Electricity was connected some years later.

The gardens were all laid out to follow English tradition. The house on the corner facing the Main Road was owned by James Short and rented out. It burnt down in approx 1929 and was never rebuilt. A flood around 1920 resulted in the house next door (which was being built at the time) having its foundations raised another one foot (300mm) to ensure that it was above flood level. In the early 1900's there was a flood reported to reach the level of the downstairs windows of the wooden two-story building. THE PICNIC HOTEL (owned by the EAves family) and now the site of the GRAND HOTEL. Chairs were seen floating out of the downstairs open windows! The biggest flood occurred in April, 1960. It entered the house reaching a height of 9'. In May 1948 the flood entered the back door and flowed out the side door in the kitchen while the rest of the house remained dry. On February 9th 1996 the house narrowly escaped flooding with water rising to within approx 1' of entry.

All of Frances and Garnock (William) Short's Children were born at home at DUVIDA- Margaret Emalin, Eric Winter and Graeme Garnock & David Stanley (twins).

Owners Ray and Trudy Griffiths gratefully acknowledge the help of
Mr Graeme Short in providing this family history.

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